Methods to Promote the Capacity of Wood Chip Dryer

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Описание: Wood chip dryer is a dedicated machine that can dry wood, wood chips, sawdust, wood powder, wood pellet, wood plate, etc. It is also known as wood pellet dryer and wood chips rotary dryer, which has features like big production capacity, excellent energy saving effect and low maintenance cost, etc. And here Henan Fote Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. will discuss how to promote the capacity of wood chip dryer?

1. In the operation process of wood shavings dryer, the users should observe whether the tyre and riding wheel are relatively in the middle, the force situation and rotation of the retainer wheel.

2. The adjustment of riding wheel should according to the cylinder's rotation direction to adjust the center line of riding wheel, thus make the riding wheel form a small angle with the center line of the cylinder. In this way, we can guarantee the riding wheel keep balance with the cylinder, and make the cylinder rotate in the relative stable environment.

3. In the process of adjustment, in order to make the cylinder dryer cylinder upward, users can add some lubrication oil to the riding wheel surface to increase the surface friction. And if the users want to make the cylinder slip, they can add some sticky grease to reduce the surface friction.

4. Through the adjustment of riding wheel, it can greatly reduces the stress of the retainer wheel, so as to improve the service life of roller, gear wheel bearing, reduce the cost of the wood chip dryer production, improve the production efficiency. At the same time, the yield of wood chips also gets promotion.

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