China artificial sand washing machine price

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China artificial sand washing machine price
  • China artificial sand washing machine price
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Attapulgite belong sepiolite family, is a silicate mineral, with a special fiber structure and unusual colloid and adsorption properties, hardness is not high, attapulgite mainly for oil refining plants, zeolite carrier, energy-saving building materials, oil drilling Salt, high temperature mud raw materials, processing aids and food additives do, refrigerator deodorant, sewage treatment agent, oil refining bleaching agents, fillers for drugs in medicine, carriers, additives, adhesives, use really numerous.
When the use of attapulgite first to go through grinding mill, attapulgite mine can overpressure V-type milling machine to ground. Overpressure V-Raymond mill is representative of a new type, and inheritance while Raymond Qualcomm screening rate has greatly improved the production efficiency. Overpressure V-mill attapulgite can be processed into 200 mesh, 300 mesh, 325 mesh and other specifications, production base in the 1-45 tons / hour.
Attapulgite processing equipment, how much money? Because applications Attapulgite is very wide, the processing of powder fineness requirements are not the same, you want to engage in the grinding process, can not use a single mill, Vico Heavy overpressure V-type milling machine according to customer adjust the fineness required in the normal production process, the finished product can be adjusted to the desired fineness processing, high yield, energy saving and environmental protection equipment.
Attapulgite production and processing of how much money to invest? Attapulgite production and processing equipment needs more than a mill, but also with a jaw crusher, hoist, dust, etc., so the price is not necessarily that we need to know your yield and fineness to develop programs and quotes you can also bring raw materials to plant commissioning, please call detailed consultation: 0371-67771006.
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